Pet Wellness Plans - Pet Wellness Center - VeterinariansWe know that every pet is unique and requires individualized care to meet their specific health care needs. That is why the Cardiff Animal Hospital & Wellness Center now offers Wellness Plans designed to meet the needs of your pet.

We have comprehensive care plans for all age groups, starting with puppies and kittens, to young adults, adults, and mature/senior patients.

At a minimum, each package includes your pet’s annual examination, all core vaccines, otic exam, fecal exam, deworming, heartworm or FeLV/FIV testing, and microchip placement. Adult wellness packages also include annual bloodwork, thyroid testing, and urinalysis; and mature and senior wellness packages include further testing such as blood pressure measurement and chest xrays.

In addition to these benefits, each wellness package also comes with:

  • Unlimited illness/sick pet exams at 1/2 cost
  • Unlimited anal gland expression at 1/2 cost
  • Unlimited nail trims at 1/2 cost
  • Free interstate travel health certificates
  • $100 off dental cleanings
  • $50 off wellness ultrasounds
  • 10% off all lab work not included in the package
  • 8% off all non-core vaccines
  • 5% off all over-the-counter products

Contact us today at (760) 436-3215 if you would like to learn about how a Wellness Plan may benefit your pet.