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We work hard to provide compassionate care to your pet. Each member of the Cardiff Animal Hospital & Wellness Center truly appreciates and greatly values the relationship we each have with you and your pets.

“I found a HUGE tennis ball-sized lump on my dog Ravioli’s throat area and was freaking out, and our old vet that we went to in Carmel Valley when we lived there couldn’t get us in, so I called Cardiff Animal Hospital, and they got us in a whole day quicker. They are right down the street from us and thankfully are an incredible practice. Ravioli had to get surgery ASAP, and Dr. Woods is one of the top surgeons (multiple people told me this) in San Diego plus, in the act of fate, his nurse Maddie from our old vet that had been with him since he was a baby moved up to Cardiff. I am beyond grateful that somehow we were able to have Maddie with him the entire time- she texted me updates constantly and treated him like her own dog. The whole staff loved him and made sure he was comfortable. It was a traumatic experience, to say the least (thankfully not cancer!!!!!), and this animal hospital has done a great job. He had complications from his surgery (a month after he scratched it and split the whole thing open again!!!), and they have REALLY taken care of us. I’m so grateful!”
Gina M.

“I work in the veterinary industry. In fact, I run a business that works directly with about 400 veterinary practices. I also love my two little dogs like family. So needless to say – I’m very choosy about who cares for them. I asked highly respected vets who the best in the area is – and that’s how I found Dr. Woods and Cardiff Animal Hospital.

My dog was diagnosed with a very serious acute condition this week. Thanks to the team at Cardiff, he is now back home, in recovery, and I couldn’t be more grateful. They check all the boxes for what I look for: incredibly smart, unapologetically passionate, and uncommonly meticulous. This is truly gold-standard medicine.

So, take it from me, if you love your pets like family, don’t think twice. I trust them completely, and you should too.”

Robert S.

“Very pleasant staff! Cardiff staff was very respectful of my time, never allowed me to wait for my appointment, always responded to my emails and phone calls, and did great with my dog’s CCL ligament surgery. Thank you so much, Cardiff staff!”
Savannah K.

“Everyone here is very nice and super helpful. The parking lot can be a challenge, but there’s other parking in the area.”

“Our GSD, Hunter, is post-op two weeks from TPOL surgery, and we are very happy with the success of this surgery. He never appeared to be in a lot of pain, and he is healing very well. We followed the post-op instructions and had eyes on our dog 99% of the time, even sleeping with him nearby! This is an intense post-op commitment, as expected, and you have to be prepared to follow through as if it was a human family member. We are pleased so far with the outcome, and the staff is very thorough when answering questions. Thank you so much!!”
Sheryl P.

“Dr. Woods is the most amazing compassionate person. She helped me decide to save my dog. Everyone should see her if you need an amazing doctor.”
Susan D.

“Great experience! All the staff was extremely professional and courteous. The upfront amount quoted absolutely included all the follow-ups and exams, including one extra one. My dog has healed perfectly, and it was well worth the drive.”
Debbie C.

“Dr. Woods and her staff are the best by far, and if you’re not taking your animal there, you’re doing yourself and your animal a disservice in health.

Professional, loving, caring, and nurturing animal hospital I’ve ever experienced.”

Frank H.

“Maui and I have been coming here for close to 3 years now. The vet is obviously a stressful experience for most dogs, and the entire staff does a great job making Maui feel super comfortable. From foxtails up noses to quick allergy shots, they can always squeeze time in to see my girl! Dr. Woods is fantastic and very knowledgeable. I have recommended my local friends to take their pets here! Great service all around, and it’s nice to be able to see the ocean from the waiting room :).”
Heather M.

“We can’t say enough good things about Cardiff Animal Hospital. As owners of a rescue pitty, we first brought him here to see Dr. Woods for a tplo surgery. He’s like a brand-new dog! He can jump, run and play like never before, and we are so happy to see he’s not in constant pain. She was amazing! We were so impressed that we continue to bring our dog here for everything- and he has a host of issues. He loves the staff and is always happy to see them! 100% worth the drive from San Diego. Easy to get an appointment and reasonably priced. Highly recommend.”
Geena W.

“Thank you for fixing my dog! She had CCL surgery (performed by Dr. Woods), her nails removed, and a number of ear infections. Dr. Woods and staff (shout-out to Madison) have easily been the best health providers in north county. People at the park who have known me since I got my dog at three weeks old remark on how active and happy my dog is after switching to this vet. I have been to countless vets in north San Diego, and they easily provide the best price to quality service you can find. If you love your animal as do I, you will not be displeased.”
S. S.

“Cardiff Animal Hospital is outstanding! We took our little cocker spaniel into them to have her spayed and have a lipoma removed. I was so concerned before the surgery, and they were so patient and understanding and answered all my questions! On the day of her surgery, Maiya was nervous, so the technician lovingly carried her inside to feel secure. She was in surgery and recovery for about 7 hours, and we were updated all the way through! The surgery healed so well. Our little girl could not have been in better and more professional hands—twenty stars to this wonderful Vet and the amazing and loving staff. We have found our Vet and are very pleased! Thank you, thank you!”

Caroline B.

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